Grateful for another amazing moment in life. My ever-expanding search for rewarding & fun work has taken me to the sunny shores of BVI. I was notified today I’ve been chosen to Coach/Mentor @the Branson Centre-of Entrepreneurship-Caribbean (BCoEC) Mentorship Programme. As long as reporting to the office means hitting the beach, I'm in. ...

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People like Dr Martin Luther king Jr are few and far between.

It’s amazing to think this same time last year we were just one week away from the 58th Presidential Inauguration for the 45th President of the US, Donald J. Trump.

Who could forget, right?

The months prior were filled with angst and turmoil, and right around Dr MLK Jr’s birthday, the drama really started to escalate as protestors from across the nation made their plans known for both violent and non-violent protest.

We’re lucky to live in a country where we are free to express our opinion.

On the topic of protesting; Dr MLK Jr set the bar. He was gangster! He used intellect and brilliant discourse to spread his message and slay his opponent.

His articulate papers, and his means of delivering a message through direct action puts modern day protests to shame.

Personally, I haven’t any problem with protesters. If you feel so compelled to put your message out there, do it. But why not take a hint from the master? An individual who affected social change on such a level that his name is on more than 150 streets across America and around the world.

After being arrested in 1963 during a “peaceful protest”, Dr MLK Jr wrote a noteworthy paper on non-violent campaigns from his jail cell In Alabama. He outlined 4 basic steps. 1.) Collection of the facts to determine whether injustice exists 2.) Negotiation 3.) Self-purification and 4.) Direct Action.

He was a Baptist minister, and so this was a man who brought spirituality and vision into everything he did. And direct action to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr always meant sit-in’s, and marches, best of all, the power of the pen.

Here’s the vid I posted last year this time. I think the message is still relevant. Blessings to you all. I thank God for world-changers like Dr MLK Jr.


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Happy Sunday everyone! Byron Katie is absolute brilliance; watch through to the very end. So worth it...
www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulOFJB0AfLoA woman suffering from a deep-seated fear of Donald Trump questions her many thoughts about him. "He will create concentration camps," she has written on her...

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